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Available Males

This beautiful boy, Velure, was born March 19, 2004 and is show quality, with copper eyes and thick breaking coat.

Available Females

Veroniqua is a littermate of the boys, born March, 2004. A sweet quiet girl, she is medium dark with copper eyes.

This young female Valentina, aka "'Tina", was born October, 2005. she has a hard muscular body and truly likes people. She is now much larger, but still very cute, with a tiny "cowlick" of hair on her nose. She is very playful.

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Luxueux Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz, four years old, is looking for a home where his new family will take extra good care of him. He has a gentle amiable temperament. A neutered male, he is pet quality as he has several white hairs on his chest. He is slightly small, and is a “special needs” kitty. He will remain with me his entire life unless the perfect new parents are found.

Luxueux Troubadour

Troubadour is a show quality neutered pet male who is looking for a kind loving home. He needs a quiet home with adults only.

Luxueux Twix

Twix needs a good home where cosmetic flaws are not discriminated against. He is visually handicapped special needs kitty. He is a gorgeous young neutered male.


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